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Icons's for:
That's for you if you're bored with default QCD icon. Distributing to support Phaseless skin.

Included formats:
32x32 with alpha channel,
48x48 with alpha channel,
72x72 with alpha channel.

Tested under Windows XP only. Using these icons with Win9x/Me you can get something
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 MxM on November 1st, 2003 8:17am Rating: 10 
just the icons in that you see here. 6 colours. the alphachannel does not work that good... if you like to stick the icon on a background you'll see the work is not finished..or the work was not make professional enough. the idea of the work is honored...so i give it 10/99... but hopefully i'll never have to give any rating below that. its awful and not worth the download. hopefully the creator may use it himself
 Young Twig on December 20th, 2003 11:03am Rating: 90 
Wow. I haven't actually used them, but I'm rating them anyway. Lich clearly stated they are only the default icons... I like the icons a lot, but I don't actually have any use for them, since I only have 16x16 QCD shorcuts... MxM, are you using XP?
 discourse on January 6th, 2004 1:14pm Rating: 80 
the icons work great. nice work. to install them, right click on the QCD icon on your desktop, choose properties, choose change icon, then go to where you saved the icon and select it
 t3mplar on September 22nd, 2006 1:22pm Rating: 85 
I think this pack is awesome. Very clean and simple which go with my interfaces very well. The only thing really lacking is that they max out at 72, which could go higher on my system, but obviously on XP this is not much of an issue.


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