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by shaohaoFebruary 7th, 2004 10:15am


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playback music with ASIO Technology by Steinberg

* Ported from Winamp5 plug-in
* external EXE version.
* internal DLL version.

changelog in this version:
*included internal DLL version in installer.
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 |Trinity| on February 15th, 2004 4:57am Rating:
Very nice plugin, that maked possible to me to play 24bit files :) But what about adding Direct Sound support??
 acoon2004 on May 13th, 2004 5:14pm Rating: 100 
I loved this plug-in.
 RightOn on September 10th, 2004 3:21am Rating: 95 
The Windows kernel code for sound processing leaves a lot to be desired. This plugin bypasses most of it, yielding the best possible sound. It is a lifesaver for my 192ksps recording equipment here: combined with the MAD input plugin it brings the best out of MP3 files. Thanks! One gripe: the lack of volume control is inconvinient. And a general comment: Good sample rate conversion burns much CPU time -- but that's a general truth and not a fault of this plugin :( still, you're better off with this plugin than using the poor built-in converter in WinDose :)
 Iradoncdire on November 2nd, 2004 11:53pm Rating: 100 
This is the first plug-in I've found which works without any problem with the Asio drivers of my professional MOTU 1296 audio card. Merci Shaohao.
 VanHelsing on April 15th, 2005 5:14am Rating: 40 
I got SoundCard Terratec Aureon Space 7.1 with the last official drivers 5.19d Unfortunately, every times i use this plugin, the DirectSound driver become stuck when i try to use it again. This bring me a simple crash system with nothing can respond, because my soundcard seems to be blocked. This is not the first time its appears. I already tried with a lots of softwares included Winamp, its happen always same thing.
 Psy on July 5th, 2005 1:57pm Rating: 90 
Tested with nForce2's ASIO drivers. Works fine with the default settings, also, the quality improvement is noticeable, but sometimes you get a crash trying to close QCD without stoping the mp3 first. Also, form time to time the sound buffer become corrupted and I must stop and replay the music to get rid of the rubish sound.
 Cabinessence on November 21st, 2005 1:05pm Rating: 90 
Pretty nice plugin, the sound is slightly better but when I close QMP it crashes and I get an error report thingy. A little annoying.
 KevinK on January 17th, 2006 8:36pm Rating: 100 
Works as expected. No particular problems have emerged in six months of use. I use this plug in to allow me to play 20 bit hdcd encoded material as well as regular 16 bit pcm through my external dac. Sounds good, no latency issues when configured correctly on my athlon xp2600 based media server.
 Michael Chen on April 15th, 2006 12:18pm Rating: 75 
Worked with ASIO4ALL driver, but not on the new-bought Audigy2 ZS notebook. Tried all 3 hardware drivers (Creative ASIO, SB Audigy2 ASIO 24/96, SB Audigy2 ASIO), no sound and fast playing speed.
 arcane93 on May 2nd, 2007 9:47pm Rating:
Has anyone had any luck getting this to work with QMP 117? I can't get the program to even recognize that it's there.


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